We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Southgate SG Tattoo & Piercing Studio!

In order to get you ready for the visit, we have put together some useful information and outlined a few policies that are recommended to be followed during your time here with us. Please feel free to get in touch in case of any questions before your visit and we will be delighted to help!


Studio opening hours are 11 am to 7 pm.
The earliest appointments are at 11 am and all tattooing preferably has to be finished by 7 pm. Please respect that, and if you do need to stay later please give us a notice as soon as possible
If you do run over 7pm, kindly tip the Studio manager that stays behind in order to close up (£10 per hour will be a guidance, but we leave it up to your discretion).

Customers are always our priority and we prefer not to keep them waiting! Of course, delays can occur when it comes to human-centric nature of our business, but we believe that efficient communication is key, hence, please let the studio/customers know should you be running late.


We supply the consumables that you’ll need for tattooing (gloves, cord sleeves, Hustle Butter, cups, cling film. etc), so please make sure you bring all of the additional necessary equipment like tubes/needles/tattoo machines, ink, power supply etc. It you would like to have any additional supplies delivered at the SG Studio specifically for your guest spot, please drop us a timely email/text with relevant information so that we could receive them and store them for your arrival.


We pride ourselves in maintaining a clean and sterile environment and we expect all artists, both residents and guests, to do the same. Please follow strict hygiene guidelines throughout your stay both for your own as well as your customers’ safety. We’re pretty sure you know exactly what you are doing, but if ever in doubt, or need any assistance whatsoever on the matter, feel free to ask.


We will start promoting your visit about 2/3 weeks before your arrival and you will
handle the bookings and contact with the clients directly. In order to promote your visit as best as possible, it would be very beneficial if you could send us preferred photos that you would like us to use for Instagram promotions. We will be doing our best when giving a shout out to the community, but please bear in mind that SG Studio does not take responsibility for busyness of your stay and it is Artist’s primary responsibility to keep hers/his books full.


Our Studio’s minimum charge is £70 and a full-day session is priced around £500-750. Our guests usually adjust their rates according to these brackets, however, we had exceptions and also some artists prefer to charge “by piece”. This is not an issue, as long as communicated. Our advice to some of the young/starting artists is to be careful when giving quotations, as people come in different shapes and sizes and what you thought will take 1 day might take 2. Also, put caveat on your quotes that such are subject to final designs and adjustments in order to avoid possible misunderstandings.

The studio takes 30% of the total charge on Artist’s clients and 40% if the booking came via the Studio. Our Studio Manager also is on hand to assist with the bookings as well as payments upon a tattoo’s completion.

All of the bookings MUST be accompanied by a deposit in order to be confirmed. The deposit is to be proportionate to the dimensions of the final tattoo. Deposits can be made via PayPal, direct bank transfer to the Studio’s account or in cash. We advise to take £50 for small tattoos, £100 for medium size and £150 for a full day. Details of electronic options as per below:

Deposits are non-refundable in case of cancellations or no-shows, but are included in the final charge.


For consultations and tattoo appointments our studio uses Google calendar. Therefore, please share your Gmail (or other) address with us as soon as we agreed on the dates of your stay, so that we can add potential customers to your calendar.

With your own customers please add them to the calendar too and invite SG Studio as a guest to the appointment – INFO@SOUTHGATETATTOO.CO.UK – in order to avoid overlapping appointments.

Information required for the booking:

  • Approximate length of the appointment
  • Brief explanation of the design and placement
  • Customer contact details (email, phone number or social media account)
  • Quoted price of the tattoo
  • Deposit amount, also when and how (studio, PayPal or bank transfer) it was paid.

SG Studio offers accommodation on the premises for any visiting artists free of charge, so you do not need to worry about it. Should you wish to lodge somewhere else and would like assistance/advice on the matter – shout out and we will be happy to help.


Every tattooer that visits SG Tattoo Studio will need to have a double-vaccination against Covid-19, They also need to respect our rules of possibly not working should they present with flu-like symptoms. Also you have to wear a mask if the customer prefers to wear one during their stay at the Studio.


Our guests need to be registered as sole traders or limited company, to be able to work legally at our studio and have personal insurance of her/his activities. We also prefer that an artist is accredited by health standards of the country where she/he is coming from. We will also provide guidance on UK standards when you have arrived. Please note that these documents might be checked on.

All of photos taken on the premises, with the consent of the customer and artist, are to be considered Studio’s property and may be used on public social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, but not limited to such.

The Artist guesting at the Studio MUST speak English. Of course, we will help in case needed, but we would expect the Artist to communicate with her/his clients efficiently and independently.


Copy of the ID will be taken on arrival.

Thank you from the SG Team