Build on the masterpiece that is you

Southgate SG Tattoo Studio’s aim is to give you a custom, unique design which captures the soul and meaning of your vision. Whether it’s your first or tenth tattoo we will help you start or build on your masterpiece.

We offer a world of possibilities. Explore ideas and create your vision in a our modern and cosy studio. Our talented artists are amazing creative interpreters who have incredible collective craftsmanship across different styles and are also specialists in Black Work and Realistic.

As a tattoo studio we have very high standards and pride ourselves in having a clean and sanitary environment you can feel comfortable in. We want you to feel reassured and aim to give you the care and attention you need at every stage of your tattoo journey.

If you are not sure where to start and Googling hasn’t provided the answer we offer some amazing flash designs from our artists to get those creative juices flowing.